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Ode to California

Ode to California


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Ode To California


We wanted to make a playful, trippy, nostalgic image revering the beautiful land that we have called home. We depict a sort of far-fetched, utopian, hippie rewilding of the landscape. Humans, newcomers to this place are appropriately scaled down small to be dwarfed by the majesty of the land, plants and animals. The central figure is a child that represents us all, as the child dreams of a future California in which we have returned to some sense of balance with the natural world.

Yes, this is the very print currently on display in our very own Blue Oak Cafe. You can own a copy of your very own and keep a little piece of OMCA (and California whimsey) with you in your home or office.

Offset Print on 80lb Cover Stock 36 x 17.5 inches

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