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Kitchen on Fire! Mastering the Art of Cooking

Kitchen on Fire! Mastering the Art of Cooking


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Kitchen on Fire!-written by Chefs Olivier Said and MikeC., the founders and instructors of the acclaimed Berkeley cooking school of the same name-prepares readers to take on any recipe in any cookbook, or even invent new recipes themselves.

According to Olivier and Mike, once readers understand some basic cooking principles they'll be able to put that knowledge into practice when making a meal, easily adjusting as needed. Arranged in the same way as the school's popular "12-Week Basics of Cooking" course, Kitchen on Fire! divides each chapter into a cooking lesson, with recipes-like Mediterranean Seafood Stew, Citrus-Grilled Skirt Steak, and Vegetable Fajitas-included at the end of every section so readers have a chance to practice what they've learned. The book is intended for readers with a wide range of experience, and includes 500 step-by-step photos, a measurement conversion chart, a master list of tools that describes their purpose in the kitchen, and even a list of common ingredients with notes on taste and preparation.

hardcover, 442 pages, 7.5" x 9.5" isbn 9780738214535.

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